Cooperative local food delivery

We're helping farmers build a network of vehicles to efficiently move local food

Work together, your way

Earn more by driving for others, or save by shipping with a new partner.

Papa Weaver's Pork

"My truck was running at 50-60% capacity, but with Local Food Network I can help out other farmers by getting their products on my truck while lowering my own distribution costs."

- Tom Weaver

Dragonfly Farms

It was cost-prohibitive to offer delivery to customers in markets far away from me. However, with the help of Local Food Network, I can expand my market reach while not having to spend as much time on the road."

- Bruce Johnson

How it works

We're working our way to your neck of the woods via a two-step process.

Step 1

We're surveying Virginia farmers in order to discover under-used local food infrastructure, including partially empty trucks and cold/dry storage.

Step 2

We're identifying possible opportunities for collaboration between business owners, and introducing new connections where desired.

What now?

We're conducting a statewide survey to identify under-used infrastructure for local food. Your participation helps benefit all local farmers. And don't worry - there are no strings attached.

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